Criminal Law in Plea Bargaining in Criminal Defense

by North Texas Criminal Defense on September 23, 2010

You are charged with a felony or misdemeanor. Upon your arrest, you find that you must attend the next court hearing. In this hearing, you are asked if you understand what you are being charged with. The judge tells you that you have a right to a criminal defense attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will appointed to you by the courts. Most people that accept court-appointed attorneys find themselves plea-bargaining with the prosecutor.

Most sentences are imposed on defendants in most states, which result from plea bargains. The offender after pleading guilty to the crime accepts an agreement between the courts, prosecutor, and his criminal defense attorney. Any good attorney will tell his defendant to plea not guilty in a criminal case unless physical evidence is overpowering in which this case, the defendant may be better off entering into a plea bargain.

Plea-bargaining often consists of the defendant pleading guilty to a lessor offense. Plea bargains are a way to avoid punishment for more serious crimes. Almost 90% of all criminal charges brought on defendants, resulted to plea bargains. Statistics showed that one hundred convicted felons plead guilty to lessor crimes, which resulted to them being charged of misdemeanors, or less serious felonies. Out of the 90% of convicted felons, only 6 percent went to a criminal trial.
Plea bargains are offered to criminals in court to reduce caseloads. If there were no plea bargains offered, the courts would be severely backed up with criminal trial cases. Despite that the courts offer plea-bargains; it pays to hire a qualified team of criminal defense attorneys to assist you through the legal processes.

Some people accept plea-bargains without realizing that the courts lack sufficient evidence to connect the criminal to the crime. In some instances, circumstantial evidence lacks, which means it is more difficult to connect the defendant to the crime. It is highly known that some offenders actually accept plea bargains out of fear. If you have been charged with a felony or even a misdemeanor, having a team of lawyers by your side to assist you, will offer you better chances to prevail the case.

If you have been convicted of a crime in which the courts lack sufficient evidence to link you to the crime, hiring an attorney is wise. The attorney can get the case thrown out of court, or else reason with the prosecutor and judge to get you the best sentencing option. Circumstantial evidence can lead to sufficient grounds for prosecution, especially if the evidence is overwhelming. In some situations, a plea bargain may be withdrawn. For example, the courts if they find that the defendant claims that his rights was not properly delivered, may withdraw the plea bargain.

Either way, hiring a team of criminal defense attorneys pays. Qualified criminal defense attorneys in Texas offer you solutions for dealing with criminal court proceedings. Never, step in a courtroom with intent of defending yourself. Court-appointed attorneys work very little to defend you, thus, hiring a group of experts is the best recourse of defense.

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